Currently, a group of over 40 volunteers is involved in some of the maintenance work that needs to be done at the cemetery. This mainly involves such things as the maintenance of the shrubbery and plants and keeping the graves clean. Once a month, on Sunday afternoons from noon to 4 p.m., volunteers come to this beautiful cemetery to help. If you are interested in helping, even occasionally, please sign up with Anne Dunkelgr√ľn at annedf@hotmail.com.
Some volunteers are also helping to record stories about a series of Jewish people from The Hague who are buried at the cemetery.
Below is the volunteer schedule for volunteer days for the coming year.

Work days (Klusjesdagen) 2022-2023

Sunday, 26 March 2023
Sunday, 30 April 2023
Sunday, 21 May 2023
Sunday, 25 June 2023
Sunday, 30 July 2023
Sunday, 27 August 2023
Sunday, 17 September 2023
Sunday, 29 October 2023

Please sign up beforehand : annedfhotmail.com

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