Inscriptie grafsteen Arje Leib

Cemetery register

If you are trying to find a grave of someone who died after the year 1906, please note that the cemetery in The Hague was filled to capacity in the year 1906, since then up to this day the Ashkenazi burials were carried out in the Jewish cemetery in Wassenaar (Persijnhof, Kerkehout 7 Wassenaar, just North of The Hague). For the register of the cemetery in Wassenaar go the website of the Jewish NIG Den Haag community.
Sephardic burials (much smaller numbers than the Ashkenazi burials) are carried out to this day in the The Hague cemetery.

The Foundation had the cemetery in The Hague documented in 1986 to 1988. The gravestones were cleaned, reassembled if necessary, had white sand brushed into the engravings to enhance readability and photographs were taken. Engravings and grave-registers were translated from Portuguese, Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew and systematically recorded.
These records are kept in the The Hague Municipal Archives and are open to the public. Data on the buried can be located using the name of the father, the family-name and date of decease.

terugvinden van grafThe Foundation had these records digitalized on PDF in 2014. It is now possible in this website to search on name and date of decease. The result is either a form-number and or a gravestone-number. The form-number may lead to a photograph and the translation of the engravings on the gravestone. The gravestone-number leads to a location on the map of the cemetery. Gravestone photo’s, text translations and the cemetery map are kept in the The Hague Municipal Archives.

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