Walking Route

In the past months a group of our volunteers has written down concise histories of 25 well-known Dutch Jews buried on the old Jewish Cemetery of The Hague.

During a visit to the cemetery these short background stories are accessible (in Dutch) on your telephone or tablet via QR-codes (located next to the tombstones). An online ‘virtual walking route’ is also available.

For further information : see joodsebegraafplaats.nl/verhalen.

Soon these stories will also be recorded on audio and will be accessible in the same manner.

Our intention is to add several stories of lesser-known Dutch Jews, buried here, who in various ways have been significant to Jewish life in The Hague.

For the time being the stories are available in Dutch only. Possibly English versions will be made in due course.

This project has been made possible with the support of the Foundation Jewish Life The Hague (Stichting Joods Leven Den Haag).