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The Queen of Carbon Science and the grave of her The Hague grandmother

President Barak Obama greets Dr. Mildred Dresselhaus, third from right, and Dr. Burton Richter, right, May 7, 2012. By Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.
In 2012, President Barak Obama announced that Burton Richter was a co-recipient of the Enrico Fermi Award, along with Mildred Dresselhaus.

The American MIT professor emerita Mildred Dresselhaus-Spiewak (Malka Sjeindel) discovered the grave of her grandmother Sjeindel Teichtheil in the Register on our website.
And so Mildred Dresselhaus travelled to Holland, shortly before her demise, accompanied by her granddaughter and was able to visit her grandmother’s grave on this cemetary.

The gravestone of Sjeindel Teichtheil

The gravestone of Sjeindel Teichtheil

For more including the English translation of the gravestone, read along…

Mildred Dresselhaus (née Spiewak; November 11, 1930 – February 20, 2017),[2] known as the “queen of carbon science”, was the first female Institute Professor and professor emerita of physics and electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.] Dresselhaus won numerous awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the National Medal of Science, the Enrico Fermi Award and the Vannevar Bush Award. Mildred was born Mildred Spiewak on November 11, 1930, in Brooklyn, the daughter of Ethel (Teichtheil) and Meyer Spiewak, who were Polish Jewish immigrants. (Credit Wikipedia).
Her grandmother Sjeindel Teichtheil, daughter of Jozua, wife of Mozes Chaim Teichtheil, died in The Hague on June 28, 1919.

The English translation of the gravestone:

Gravestones Jewish cemetery The Hague
No. 2867
Gravestone no. 35/38

Sjeindel daughter of Jozua, wife of Mozes Chaim Teichtheil (?)

Here lies hidden the woman Sjeindel daughter of the gentleman Jozua, wife of the gentleman Mozes Chaim Teichtheil (?), my perfect wife on the erected stone of your grave. Restless are you in me, my soul 1), in my memory. The days of your world have been very shortened. In the 26 th year of your life you did go to your eternity. You were the crown for your husband and for your only son. Because of you your husband, your father and your mother, your only son, and all your family and friends.
She was born on 29 siwan 5653 2), and rose to heaven on the holy sabbath 30 siwan in the year 5679, and her mothers name was Joeta Pessel. / T.N.Ts. B.H.


1) after Psalms 42:12, 43:5
2) June 13 1893